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The Fearless Launching Show is a podcast for entrepreneurs who want to bring their most important ideas to the world. My mission is to help online entrepreneurs narrow in on their most important ideas, get things done that matter, to build the life and business they dream about.
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Dec 3, 2015

Spend any time on social media, reading blogs, going to webinars, listening to business summits and you’ll hear one thing over and over.

You’ve got to outsource to grow.

And the idea is fine - it’s true. You need to delegate many things in your business.

But there are others who prefer to go it alone as long as they can - until they literally MUST hire people to help them.

Is this the wrong approach?

I say no...and maybe yes.

Today’s episode of the Fearless Launching show, I talk about three different paths you might choose depending on how new you are to business, your budget, your time frame and your experience with launching.

Hopefully, by the end you’ll know whether you’ll do it all alone, hire out completely, or take my third preferred option.

Nov 24, 2015

I’ve joined forces with one of my business besties Alexis Giostra today…and we’ve been talking lately about the year coming to a close.

We know that if you’re like us, you’re thinking about ending the year on a high note, saying thanks to your audience and supporters, and making some more revenue for your business.

Now, I know Alexis is the queen of executing ideas…the way she can turn those ideas around is insane! Truth is – I think the reason why it’s so easy for her are the secrets I’m going to share with you today.

We are constantly throwing ideas back and forth about sales, marketing, content creation…and it turns out we were both mulling over holiday promotion and launch ideas. So, today’s post is a bit of a crash course in some of the secrets of all those holiday promotions you see.

Plus – it answers a question I get all the time – is there ever a bad time to launch? Like the holidays?

Read the post and check out the download here:

Nov 17, 2015

Ever thought of creating or launching a physical product

I have...and it shouldn’t surprise you that about a year ago I was entertaining the idea of launching a planner! After a few months of materials research, I made the decision to stop that process...and said, “nope”....I wasn’t ready to go down the road of manufacturing, choosing paper, testing, finding a printer.

Only a few short states away, my friend Briana who had been creating different types of products for years for her spa and massage clients (we’ll get into that in the episode)...was in the process of creating HER own planning that included dreaming as an integral part.

She and her husband co-created the Rituals For Living Dreambook + Planner to assist people ready to transform their lives into something free, happy, and successful.

Nov 10, 2015

Today's episode shares the story of Trivinia Barber and how she has grown Priority VA into one of the most respect VA "boutique" agency type companies supporting online entrepreneurs. She's done this all while still working in the trenches herself with online business owner Amy Porterfield. You'll hear how she knew she had to grow, when her husband came on board full time, and why she loves being a VA in a successful business while building her own business too!

Nov 4, 2015

Zach Spuckler and I start talking about launching without email and spend most of our time talking about the importance of selling through connection.

As you listen to today’s insightful interview, you’re not going to hear some fancy schmancy new tactic that you’ve never heard before or a super juicy “I’ve never heard that”...and that’s what makes our conversation so important.

We talk about:

  • What Zach started doing at 13 years old that planted the seeds for his current online business
  • His big a-ha while working in direct sales
  • Why he stepped back from his Vegan blog
  • Why his first product was NOT a Facebook Ads product
  • What he reminds people about success and failure on every single #Scope


Oct 14, 2015

Who doesn’t like a good story about a wrong turn that changed everything?

When you discover things “by accident” in your business, they seem like they were destined to happen, that all your decisions led to that one moment where things broke down and then exploded your business.

The truth about “moving the needle” in your business is this.

You can move anything unless you’re testing, trying, and acknowledging what works.

Launches are great times to try new things.

Oct 8, 2015

Listbuilding is one of those things you should be doing no matter if you're launching or not AND if you have an online based business.

Yes - reaching new people should be something you’re always, you can have ongoing list building activities and systems in place. That’s great. Keep those flowing.

That’s why my main focus in between launches is to keep reaching out to new people...finding new, effective ways to turn those into list building systems, and use tools like Leadpages to keep the whole thing easy for me!

So, if you’re leading up to a launch, want more of the right people to pay attention, and make more sales, today’s episode is for you.

Check out the main show notes over at:

Oct 1, 2015

What's your launch style?

Do you things the same every single launch? Shake it up? Do you use webinars?

If you haven't launched yet, then maybe you don't know!

In today's episode I'll share 7 models for you to dig into and pick/choose the elements that are right for you, your specific personality/strengths, and your business.

-Make sure to check out the PDF worksheet available on the post notes page at:

Sep 24, 2015

If you've ever planned a launch, you know how easy it is to get so focused on the project that the rest of your business gets put on the back burner. By adding recurring revenue streams to your business, launching becomes less stressful. You'll establish ongoing streams that support your growth, allow you to launch without having the worry that you're putting all your eggs in one basket. You'll be building a much needed foundation for your business simply by focusing one or two ways of generating ongoing recurring sales.

See the full show notes at:

Sep 17, 2015

Today, we’re continuing this conversation about working with people and why I believe if you have a clear way to communicate, collaborate, and invest in these people is so important.

There’s a better chance you’ll have a smooth running team during your launch and keep them long after!


And man, it takes forever to find those people, sometimes longer than we expect, right? So, let’s keep people once we find them!


In this episode I talk about:


  • Making that first investment in your business and hiring someone to help you

  • How to hire people and why it’s critical to get on board the hiring someone

  • Why even when you’re not creating something for sale, you still need help

  • What to do when you’re onboarding new hires

  • 3 ways to stay on track with your team

  • Tools to help your team collaborate and communicate better together


Plus you’ll find out why you can start all of these practices even if you don’t have a team yet...because really the habit, the system, the ritual only becomes easier to share with new people if you’ve got it together.

If you’ve been hanging around Periscope and on any of my latest scopes, then some of what I share may sound very familiar to you--since that’s what I’ve been talking about for the past week as I prep for a an all-new class I’m teaching on Training Your Launch Team.

Sep 10, 2015

How do you grow your business?

We hear about strategies to market your business better, building funnels that convert people into customers…

We know that we have to build our list, build the relationship with the people who sign up for our various free resources.

But what about team culture? Is it possible that the culture we create just by who we hire and how we work...can that lead to business growth too?

Ask companies like Zappos, AirBNB, and WeWork...and they’d likely answer a resounding yes.

Our guest on the podcast today is Josh Anderson who’s got experience with big development and sales teams at Microsoft and smaller, scrappier startups in the Seattle area.

Read the full show notes here:

Sep 3, 2015

If you’ve ever struggled to get your business organized, under control, or hired a VA that you literally couldn’t figure out what/how to delegate to them, this episode is for you!

Natasha Vorompiova has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs embrace systems in a practical, customized approach. Her two main tools of choice are Evernote and Asana. These also happen to my favorites too!

Read the full show notes at



Aug 20, 2015

In this episode, we speak to Fearless Launching scholarship winner Vanessa Chase about how she applied the simple, back to basics lessons in Fearless Launching to her own launch and managed to triple her launch goals!

The one thing she attributes to the success is really something she tells her own students to do, so knowing this, she dove in, did the work, and was able to surpass her modest goals for the launch.

Dive into her story and make sure to head over to the full show notes and how to contact her over on the blog:

Aug 14, 2015

Today's post shares some of the most common battles we fight or challenges you might face as an online entrepreneur.

Most of these battles happen on the inside, but can be managed when you let go of the fight, stick to a set of tools instead of constantly switching, and getting the right support!

Read the full show notes over here:



Aug 6, 2015

Today's SHORT episode talks about breathing new life into a neglected product. If you create online or digital products, when do you bring them back or keep them gone? This is especially relevant right now for me as I have re-discovered and gotten super excited about my White Space Solution ebook. Take a few minutes to listen now!

Visit all show notes here:

Jul 30, 2015

Whether it’s working out, taking classes, writing, running your business, everyone’s got a slightly different style of working and learning.

I know that for the most part I love to work in solitude and then peek my head out when I’m done to get the next step. Some of the best online learning experiences were ones where I had to show up every single day, though…

I’m curious now about your audience. How do they like to consume your content? Where do they consume it? Do they want to do it at their own pace, in the dead of night, on the beach?

Or do they want the camaraderie of the group, the class, the mastermind?

Today’s episode of the Fearless Launching explores this question and shares why it’s important for you to know as you go into your next launch.

read more:

Jul 23, 2015

Going evergreen is something I'm hearing a ton lately from people who are creating new products, new services...the end goal seems to be making something more automated and available all the time.

If you've ever wanted to know when to go evergreen with your digital products, listen to this episode!

Listen up and read the whole show notes over on: 

Jul 16, 2015

A behind the scenes look at the tools and tech I used to set up my new online shop but also the challenges along the way -- not your normal launch story.

Full show notes over at:

Jul 9, 2015

This quick episode shares a behind the scenes look at what happened to my website last week, what I did about it and why you should take proactive steps today to make sure you're protected during  your next launch!


Full show notes at:

Jul 2, 2015

So, probably 6 months ago - maybe longer even - I discovered a show called The Profit on CNBC which follows host Marcus Lemonis as he helped struggling business owners turn their businesses around. I found the show by accident and it immediately took over the top spot above Shark Tank and Undercover Boss… notice a theme there?

Now, of course, I love watching and learning how businesses grow, but after watching several episodes of this show, I realized why I was learning so much. He was using a framework and repeating it to me every single time. People. Process. Product.

Here's what we cover today:

  • 4 questions you can ask yourself to discover your own framework
  • Why a framework could be just what your business/product needs
  • Examples of online business owners and educators who are using powerful and simple frameworks to market, teach, and convert people into customers
  • Template frameworks that will inspire you to create your own

Visit: for full show notes and more episodes here:


Jun 25, 2015

You know me - I love pulling back the curtain, not just after a project or launch is finished, but literally as I’m doing something, testing something. Breaking down the how-to do it is what I do best.

So, today, I’m taking you behind the scenes of my own Instagram challenge, but decided I’d also help you create your plan for doing your own challenge.

Here’s what we cover:

  • The benefits to your business and your next launch of doing a challenge

  • All the different formats you can use to run your challenges

  • Why you can use a free challenge or event as your practice launch

  • Your before, during and after checklist

  • Ways to keep the whole production as low tech as possible

  • How and when to make an offer during a challenge

I go through a LOT in this episode and I think I may have literally sped through it quickly, so I’ve made a quick cheatsheet where I’ve even included a checklist of all the pieces I’ve created for my Instagram challenge. Use it as a starting point for your own online event.

Read the full show notes over on

Jun 19, 2015

In today’s episode, I’m sharing the exact strategies I’ve used and will use again to make sure my business survives the summer.

If you’re a mom, a dad, someone who just loves summer and finds it hard to work this time of year, you’ll love this episode.

Here’s what I have to say about it:

  • Why you can create a new consistency anytime you want (summer is great for many reasons)

  • What I consolidate to make it easier to work wherever I am

  • Why creating scheduled work shifts will help you schedule less

  • How to make sure your expectations match your output

  • Why summer revenue really goes down in the summer

Full show notes over on

Jun 11, 2015

You own a business. 

Maybe you have a team. Maybe you don’t.

If you’re making money from your business, you’ve got customers.

With all the challenges of running an online business the biggest one I can think of where people get in trouble and the reason why your business goes downhill are those related to your leadership skills.

So, if you have a business, plan to make money, want to build a community, and perhaps eventually have a team to help you run everything, then you are on the path to becoming a leader.

...Whether you like it or not.

That said, many people start businesses without having much practical experience in a leadership role anywhere in their life.

We’re thrown into the role of boss without a day behind the wheel ever!

So today’s episode covers some of the things you need to consider and be aware of as you set off to start, finish, deliver, launch...and take very intentional action every single day.

Read the full show notes over on:


Jun 4, 2015

1 year ago, I creatd a free course to promote my program Launch Walkthrough. Here's what happened over the past year plus some things I'm doing right now to update, improve and test the process.

This behind the scenes look and conversation will hopefully inspire you to create a sample of your own product.



May 28, 2015

If you’re building an online business, then you’ve likely seen or heard that upgrading to an email marketing provider or system is a must in order start making the big bucks.

Who knows why people actually believe that, but there are some really good reasons why you might want to switch to a more customizable marketing system.

But before we talk about my switch to Infusionsoft about 2 years ago, I want to make sure you know my stance on upgrading tools...

They are often not necessary or critical until they no longer work. I never suggest an upgrade or a tool/system change unless it’s going to revolutionize or fix a part of the business. And I definitely say no to upgrades that require you to move your entire list or marketing funnel right before a launch.

So knowing this, you may think my move to Infusionsoft was unnecessary, but the change falls under the “this revolutionized” my workflow and productivity. Plus, I did it at a time when a launch wasn’t imminent.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  1. What led to my decision to switch email marketing providers

  2. Why Aweber no longer worked for me

  3. The main reasons I knew Infusionsoft was right for me

  4. Specific reasons and features that have kept me a customer.

Complete show notes at

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