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Oct 26, 2016

Shouldn’t come as a shocker here…

Most people have at least one thing that stops or delays them from doing what they really want.

When it comes to launching, the blocks can crop up the second we get an idea for a product, when we finish a product, when we talk to someone about it, and pretty much every single step up to and through the launch process.

I invited my friend Denise Duffield Thomas to have a conversation about these blocks, because she’s in the middle of her own launch right now for her long-running Money Bootcamp.

If you suspect you have some blocks holding you back from launching, today’s episode is for you.

Not sure? Delay and procrastination are huge signs of blocks. So get yourself over to our conversation.

Plus - if you like what Denise is teaching, check out her Money Bootcamp which is starting live next week….

Click here to make sure to check out her first Live Bootcamp in 3 years before her early bird pricing ends on October 27th!

Oct 19, 2016

Every launch begins with a conversation - doesn’t matter who you have it with.

It may be a coach. It might be your journal. Maybe a friend.

But you need to have this conversation.

It’s the step most systems, calls, programs, courses don’t really talk about.

There’s a checklist of things that starts somewhere between knowing who your audience is (important) and what they want to buy from you (uber important).

This is the mother of all kick off calls. The kick off before the team gets hired and before the partners get contacted...before any launch leak happens or a webinar is announced.

...I like to think of this conversation as more of a confessional...where you lay out your hopes, dreams, fears, and plans (if you’ve got them already) for the launch and why you’re doing it.

Don’t worry - it’s not a loosey goosey conversation...

Before we get into the specifics, something you should know--


Your launch convo must be had with someone who knows you and your business well. Coach, mastermind partner, business bestie. Someone who you can trust to let you share without the fear of judgement of any kind.

Because it’s a mix of specifics and elements that aren’t completely defined, it’s important someone can ask you the right questions and let you share whatever comes out.

I. Part one of the conversation will be talking, answering, getting clear on some of the more surface questions:

  1. What are you launching?
  2. Is it for your current audience?
  3. How did you discover they want this? What proof do you have they want this?
  4. When do you want to launch?
  5. Hmm, is that similar to any other product out there? Who are your direct competitors?
  6. Cool, good to do you plan to be different from them?

II. Part two of the conversation you’ll probably start working on some deeper details together - and you’ll either be writing it out as you talk or putting sticky notes on your calendar.

Grab the 10 steps you should go through in the Launch Workbook.

We’re still not all the way deep yet, though.

III. Part three is probably more important than everything you talk about.

Lots of people talk about the launch story or the launch narrative...but not really telling you how to create it.

So, it’s no wonder you kind of guess what the words launch story even mean in the first place!

I’ll go into depth on creating your launch story in an upcoming post, but for now, here’s how to create in the most easy, straightforward sense.

  1. Define all the marketing activities of the launch - video series? Blog series? Challenge? Webinar?
  2. Whether you’re using multiple channels, activities to lead to the open sales window or just one, consider your main theme - it’s how you’ll decide what content gets shared, what recurring promise or thread you’ll keep coming back to and it’ll really connect all the pieces.
  3. Another way to get to this theme - is to think of your overall vision and goal - the reason you have created this thing for other people. Your main belief behind it.

For example, Fearless Launching isn’t so much about being scared to launch but being prepared, curious and willing to revise in order TO launch… those things allow you to be Fearless. And so - I like to bring in these little touches throughout the launch--in emails….

Think to yourself - what does this thing I’ve created all come back to > what’s the narrative, the reason, the underlying belief and mission….how you got here or where you are now and why you’re doing this.

3 Ingredients To A Powerful Launch Story

There are three critical parts to a launch story….actually they’re more like layers really.

And I see them over and over and over again in my most successful client/student launches.

Pick the Visible Angle

This is the visible reason you are launching or something that will be easy to see and talk about every single time - you write a blog post or send out an email.

  1. Date/Time/Event related
  2. Personal life event related
  3. Theme related to the product
  4. Change in the industry

Pretty much anything you can think about as the “why you’re so pushed to do this launch right now” is okay. There is no wrong just have to keep it very clear as to why.

Let me give you a few specific current examples.

Fearless Launching is just about to kick of a special what I call “Closing Cuz We’re Upgrading” launch.

I must close the doors in order to finish building out our new home and all the new content for the program.

Instead of holding off until everything’s ready, I want to give you a chance to join the program right now - at the current pricing, get your upgrades for free, plus watch the before & after in progress. That’s the story this time around.

Describe Your Big Why

In addition to the surface reason you’re doing the launch - the more visible obvious reason...there’s usually at least one more narrative at play when you launch anything….

And this seemingly sub or lesser story is really the undercurrent which gets up close to the real reason your product even exists.

It gives your launch depth and meaning.

Simon Sinek talks about your why in his famous book “Start With Why” for a reason.

If you’re launch was an Iceberg - above the water would be the visible reason for the event...and below the water...well, we know that’s actually what anchors the iceberg…

If your time of the year is the surface reason for launching, your deeper why is that you know the time of year might trigger a certain emotion that you’re hoping to help people through….

This is the case if your product is business or personal related. We are emotional beings and it’s critical to understand that as humans we are emotional no matter what we do.

Don’t Break The Thread

The final ingredient in this whole story is understanding when to talk about the surface or the emotional part… when to lay it on thick and when to pull back.

Striking a balance between emotions, logistics, and practical reasons for someone to pay attention to what you’re offering is definitely something you get better at over time...and you never stop aiming to get better doing.

Understanding your audience is key to understanding when the thread is strong or weak or simply non-existent.

We go into this in more depth inside Fearless Launching, if you know you need help creating your story.

In the meantime, start today by doing the following.:

  1. Schedule time with a trusted person who knows your business & you. Ideally this person can give you feedback but mostly - they are there to ask you questions.
  2. Have part one of the conversation as described above.
  3. Download the Launch Workbook to start thinking about your launch
  4. Have part two of the conversation as described above.
  5. Brainstorm a surface reason and a deeper reason that you might want to launch!

Want to attend a special webinar to learn how to put your launch conversation to work and build your list for your launch? Click here to register and read all the details.

We’ll also be opening a very special promotion for Fearless Launching, so get to work on the steps above and you’ll be ready for us to start working on your launch together!

Oct 12, 2016

One of the best ways to improve the power of your products is to create them as if they are part of a course curriculum instead of just stand alone somewhat related products.

Here’s why this is important and the topic of today’s podcast.

You provide a clear path and roadmap to follow, which helps strengthen and grow your community.

You allow yourself time to choose what products you create and which products you’ll promote. Thus giving you more time and freedom to focus your creative efforts on what lights you up and making your work the best it can be.

Today’s episode will help you kind of do both and give you a strategy for improving revenue without slaving over a new or even an updated product. You can focus on what you deliver the best while still giving your customers more value.

I’ll be referencing a past article I wrote for the site Think Traffic - way back in 2012 and I’ll link it listen and then head over to that post!

It’s funny how you can pull wisdom from the archives…and it was especially relevant as I started to lay out the future for Fearless Launching -- not just as a stand alone course, but as a curriculum -- one that starts outside my doors!

So let’s dive in.

First - let’s talk about the way people usually create courses.

They come up with their first idea and do that...then they choose another topic that is relevant but necessarily related and they might create that.

Sometimes the courses will have some relation to the other, but rarely do you see them as a first or second or third step or having any order at all.

That’s why a curriculum really makes your entire product suite stronger and smarter.



Oct 5, 2016

You’re preparing for a launch…

If you have people helping you, are they as ready as you are to make it happen?

Today’s question, does your team know how to launch.

If you can’t say yes, it’s your responsibility to train them, to get them ready.

So, if you have a team, a VA, a project manager, maybe even just someone answering emails, then this episode will help you ensure your team has your back during your next launch.

Sep 28, 2016

You shouldn’t be surprised when you read this, but…

I look at the process of planning kind of like it’s writing in a journal. In fact, for me, planning is one of my deepest actions of self-care.

Over this past year, I’ve realized how “planning” even by writing what happened or what you want to happen and how you want to feel as you’re doing those things you’re planning...they matter.

I don’t usually come across quite as woo-woo as I might be today. But I’ve been thinking about this topic a lot recently.

It’s also the reason I want to share my #1 self-care tool which launched recently.

But whether you’re launching or just working on your daily business tasks, you need this.

Today's episode is about my #1 self care tool that I use every day and rely on heavily as I start working on launches (even other peoples).

[insert audio]

Sep 22, 2016

I don’t care who you are…

Communication can be challenging when you’re first starting your business or marketing new products.

You’re not sure what to say, when to say it, how to say…

And then there’s the question of sending emails and how many to send...and how often.

Overwhelm and worry can set in fast...all the sudden you’re unsure, insecure…

Add a launch to that anxiety and you’ve got a recipe...and you might feel immediate paralysis.

You’ll question every email you send, worry you’re scaring people away, get angry when people don’t respond and more!

Read the full blog post for this episode over here:

Sep 14, 2016

Have you ever felt like your business was going in reverse?


There are lots of reasons you might start entertaining this idea or wondering. Maybe...

  • Your last launch didn’t go so well
  • You feel bored
  • You’re not sure what to do next
  • Maybe you’re having a tough time getting back to work after a vacation or time off
  • Maybe your daily business just looks completely different than you “think” it should.

For me - the day to day of my business started to change...and it felt like all the sudden I was doing a lot of different activities… all making me happy, no dip in revenue...but definitely different from what I “thought” it would look like.

One of the biggest changes is that I started seeing more one-on-one clients and taking one-off short term projects. I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a different view of how business was supposed to grow in my head. Do one on one work, grow your following, when you’ve got enough interest, step back to more scaled offerings like online courses where you teach people.

I thought, wait a minute, is my business going backwards? Am I supposed to go from teaching one to teaching many in order to scale? Am I doing this in the wrong order?

Reach out to me with any questions at


Sep 7, 2016

Today's episode, we talk about how to create a launch marketing calendar for the next year. I'll share the seven questions you should ask and answer when trying to plan out the year of launches and marketing activities.

Rules of the game are simple - keep it simple, use what you've got now, leave room for new stuff. :)

Full show notes over at

Aug 31, 2016

If you've ever felt like your business or product is just not ready to launch...

Today we're going to talk about four practice launches that you can do before you think you're ready to launch.

Let's dive in and go through each one of these really quickly, give you the main elements you should practice in each type, and how to make sure they are worth you while.

A practice launch is a great way to get your feet wet, get your systems set up, understand the process, before you create your big blockbuster launch with videos, affiliates, webinars, and maybe even Facebook ads.

Show notes available and all resources available on



Aug 9, 2016

Today's episode we're going to talk about a few different ways that you can use to make an old product new again.


One of the reasons I'm doing this is because I find that people often just want to move on to their next project, their next great idea.


I think that that's awesome to come up with new ideas, but I also think there's major value in just keeping it simple and updating what's already working.


Now, this today is assuming you do have a product that has sold before.


Maybe it's just gotten a little stale for you, for your clients. Maybe you just aren't as excited about it anymore.

I'm going to talk about five today and a few bonus ones, but I find that sometimes just updating your work really helps you get more engaged in it and will help you have excitement when you're launching it.

Aug 1, 2016

Have you ever compared yourself or your business to someone else?

If you’re saying - no, I kind of don’t believe you….

Comparing yourself to others is a pretty natural and it’s also completely normal thing.

And today - I’m sharing why it can sometimes it actually can be a good thing and how you can leverage competition in order to grow your business. And I'm so passionate about this topic because I see a lot of people let competition dictate what they dare to launch, create, and share with their audience.

And I don't want that to be you!

Once you listen, if you're ready to start planning out your next launch, want to go a little deeper into this topic, check out my free launch toolkit. Download it right here:

Also - read the full show notes over at



Jul 19, 2016

If you're looking for a great way to decrease your launch to do list...keep reading...

How much was on your plate this week?

It wouldn't surprise me - if you’re running a business, planning a launch, seeing clients, probably a lot.

So what’s the one thing you can do to keep up?


Now reusing content in the simplest sense, means revising, republishing, or updating content that already exists. You can change the format of it - video or audio to text or vice versa!

But - imagine if you had a library of material to pull from - emails, graphics, blog content, videos, audios, or other training.

Well, there's a good chance you've already got some of this going already.

But if you're not's a great way to start create a library - for your next launch.

Read the full post on


Jul 5, 2016

Happy 100 Episodes Batman!

Today, I'm in a reflective mood where I look back at the top episodes, how my workflow has changed, and how I stay inspired to share new shows with you week after week.

We'll cover:

  • A quick recap of the top 5 episodes
  • my super simple podcast workflow
  • how I stay inspired - even if I'm not "feeling it"
  • the two key ways my podcast has impacted my business
  • How things will change & stay the same moving forward


Stay tuned for full show notes on

Jun 22, 2016

We’ve all had tough times in our business...

It’s knowing what to focus on a the right time...and today's episode is how I figured out what I needed to do to FIND that focus.

Last December, I was feeling a lot of angst about my business.

I wasn’t sure if I was bored. I wasn’t sure if I needed a break. I just knew that something was off.

At about the same time, Todd Herman's program The 90 Day Year was gearing up for it's first session of 2016.

Listen as I share exactly where I was in my business and why I knew this program would help me.

Full show notes will be available soon.

In the meantime, check out these resources mentioned:





Jun 14, 2016

In this episode, I talk about the 5 things that keep my business moving forward, whether I'm launching or not!

They are all practices that help you perform at your highest level, avoid overwhelm, and insure you never end your week feeling like you wasted a second or that you're falling behind.

Start these today - and also see the resources mentioned over on the blog:

Jun 8, 2016

Launching Soon?

Here is a simple 5 step promotion and strategy to start 6 weeks before you plan on open the doors to your online course or digital product.

While this is mostly geared toward those of you planning to launch online courses, digital products or coaching services...You can also apply this to physical product launches as well!

Why This Strategy Is So Important

This 5-step promotion helps you do a few key things and is non-skippable because it helps you do two important things:

  • Re-engage with your current subscribers and community members
  • Encourage new subscribers to join your list and have a chance to get to know them!

Full show notes over here:

Jun 1, 2016

Part two of my behind the scenes series...

Am I making the final switch to Convert Kit and Teachable or not?

Find out how things are going behind the scenes of this surprisingly big systems switch.

Stay tuned for more in the show notes:

May 24, 2016

If you've ever said you're not ready to launch...this episode might be for you.

If you're working on your website, rebranding, fixing something that you think doesn't  look might noodling to the point of no return.

Today's quick episode is a little rant about making your online digs the reason for not launching. Now, with so many tools (free and paid) at your disposal for creating landing pages, member's areas, kind of don't even need a website at first.

If you've got an offer ready to go for an audience that wants it...and all you're waiting for is a re-brand...think again. You are not off the hook.

Full show notes and tools/resources mentioned can be found at:

May 17, 2016

Today, we're talking to Nikki Elledge Brown...a University level professor turned Park Ranger turned Communication Stylist... While she's always had a knack and talent for communicating and helping others do that, Nikki only started her business a few short years ago.

Today we dig into topics like:

  • The breadcrumbs she followed to her current business...
  • What she learned working with over 160 one-on-one clients before she created her course.
  • Why did she end up making a course?
  • Why she doesn’t suggest creating the course as your selling it?
  • How long did it took her to create the course the first time out?

Visit Nikki over at:

See all mentioned resources and links over at :)



May 12, 2016

This week's special behind the scenes episode shares some of the latest changes I'm making in my business...If you've ever struggled to decide on which tools and systems to help you run your business, listen today...

Stay tuned for full show notes coming soon at

May 3, 2016

Today's episode is a bit of a departure from our normal topic.

Yes, we're still talking about what it takes to launch your ideas into the world, but today, we're talking to author Karan Bajaj about sabbaticals. The idea might seem romantic or somewhat like a glorified vacation, but as you'll discover, there's a lot of power in taking an intentional time away from the goals and busy-ness to make leaps of excellence.

Karan shares some practical advice on:

*Signs you need to schedule your first sabbatical now

*How he took his first YEAR LONG sabbatical from a corporate job

*Why he's kept doing these sabbaticals every 4 years (and how he'll keep them going even with two small children!)

Plus, he shares some easy to implement ways for everyone to start building their own muscle for this type of break.

Head over to here to purchase the book (which goes live TODAY, May 3rd, 2016:

Head over to the blog to read the full show notes:



Apr 26, 2016

If you’re able to turn an idea into something that gives tangible results to others, then you know you need to launch it.

First the good news is — the steps to getting your work out to the world and the right people is completely within your control and customizable for your business.

You don’t have to wait until you get 1,000 or 2,000 or more subscribers to prove you’ve made it.

There’s a process you can follow to launch your products, services, or new blog right now…and build to that level while you launch!

This process is called “Fearless Launching” and it only takes 6 key ingredients – 6 steps that you can apply today without a team, a big list, spending a ton of money or having all the answers!

Wanna know the secret recipe?

Today's episode we discuss the 6 completely UNAVOIDABLE Steps to Fearlessly Launching Your First Product.

Apr 20, 2016

Wish you had a business partner? Thinking of partnering with someone for an extended project or totally new business? This episode dives into the practical questions and things you should consider as you take the first it right. Be professional, take your partnership seriously! Full show notes with all resources mentioned over at:

Apr 14, 2016

Open up your email inbox right now and point out at least 5 things that you'd really like to NEVER see sent to you again. I'm sure you'd be able to find a few.

If you running a business online or offline, you're likely getting emails about how to run your business better, offering you new services, not to mention the emails that seem to warn you about some impending doom and you can't figure out are real or not.

In this episode, I talk about some of the emails I'm not loving and promise to never write again!!

Full show notes over at



Apr 8, 2016

Today I'm joined by partners and amazing women who joined forces less than a year ago to create a powerhouse, energetic, beautiful company that supports creative entrepreneurs as they start, grow, polish and evolve their businesses. Emylee and Abigail met last summer in an online Facebook group and after discovering their ideal customers were the same exact people, they bonded in a very scary-fast way...

But when you know something's right, you just go for it, and that's what they did. We're talking about how they made the transition from solopreneurs to partners plus what you might need to know before jumping into your own partnership!

Visit the site for full show notes:

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