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Apr 27, 2017

Whether you’re first starting your coaching business, trying to figure out what your business will be or you know but you aren’t sure what to do with that information - today’s episode is for you.

Hillary shares her step by step process for really digging into what you do, what you know and who you are so you can figure out your purpose as a coach.

The great thing is she asks some key questions all business owners should be asking if they’re running online I think you’ll love this.

If you love our chat, check out her upcoming 3-day challenge (yes 3 day challenge right here!):

Sign up for Hilary’s upcoming 3-day live challenge here: superpower-challenge

Find out about her upcoming interview series too here: btce-2017

How To Turn Teachable Moments + Your Experience Into A Full Coaching Practice (podcast)
The Art of Discovering What You Should Be Launching (video)

Read more over at

Want to learn more about launching and create a custom experience for your unique business? Fearless Launching starts in just a few weeks. Make sure to sign up for our upcoming free workshop here:

Have a launch story of your own you’d like to share? Send me your pitch right here - and let me know a little bit more about you, your business, and what we can share together to the Fearless Launching community.

Apr 19, 2017

Launching can be a rough complex process...and it gets even more challenging when you’re trying to connect with an audience that typically likes to stay anonymous.

When I saw my good friend Kristoffer Carter launching his pilot program back in October 2016 called the New Sobriety, I knew two things.

A) That he would come on my show and talk about the launch ... because KC knows how to create an amazing experience.

B) He was launching something that I could see there might be some built in challenges around just by the mere topic.

So, today’s episode we talk about those things and also reveal what he did during his launch to make the first round a huge success and what he’s doing now to follow up on that. We cover:

  • How growing his community for this product & mission has differed and remained the same as any other “normal” launch.

  • What pricing lessons he learned during the launch and how he course corrected for some amazing results.

  • What the New Sobriety is all about and who it’s best suited for - the answer might surprise you.

  • KC’s “Linchpin Habit” strategy (he might not even see how genius this is!!).

  • Plus we dive into his launch numbers, and he tells us what’s in store for the

    program going forward!

    If you’d like to reach out to KC after today’s episode, make sure to contact him at

    You can also find all the references we made over on the blog at See you over there!

Apr 13, 2017

Are you preparing for a relaunch of your online course or digital project?

Maybe a challenge other online event you do on a regular basis?

Well I normally talk about the pieces you need to pull together to put your launch together, but what about DELIVERING what you promised?

Yes, marketing is important, but you’ve also got to be able to back it up with an amazing experience. It’s not enough to create a product that converts people to your customers or create content that converts have to be excited, ready, and reaching to create something that can transform people’s lives too...

This week I go into 6 of the main areas you’ll need to start asking questions (and answering them) in order to refresh your online course.

Visit for full show notes and a special download to go along with today's episode (plus one you can use for your next product relaunch.)

Apr 6, 2017

This is Episode 134 of the Fearless Launching Show. Today we’re talking about my step by step process for setting the right goals for your next launch.

Are you planning your launch?

Along with all the pieces you’ll need to “figure out” to execute a product launch, the one step I push all my students and myself to make are setting goals and making realistic revenue projections for the launch.

But how do you do set realistic goals if you’ve a) never launched and b) never sold anything before…

That’s what we’re going to be talking about in today’s episode of the Fearless Launching.

I’ll walk you through my 3 step process for setting launch goals that:

  1. Are based in reality
  2. Feel attainable
  3. Give you specific actionable steps
  4. Show you where you need improvement
  5. Inform all of your decisions about the launch

Let’s dive in because I want you to really think about this goal setting piece of your launch…

The first step is the most simple one but has a profound effect.

Read all the details, download your launch workbook and more over at

Mar 30, 2017

Let’s talk about how to use the Bullet Journaling system as a planning method to keep your business productivity high!

As any business owner knows, on a daily basis you can be hit with a multitude of tasks and information coming in from a variety of sources like your email, customers, employees, and even your own mind.

Add to that launches, promotions, and all that content creation…and you’ve got a recipe for entrepreneurial meltdown.

Want to avoid that meltdown?

So, one of the most important things a business owner can establish for themselves and their business is a system of organization to capture, process and execute on their daily tasks and incoming information. There are a lot of systems out there, some for those who prefer digital methods, and others for those who prefer analog pen and paper. Few systems, however, can bridge that gap, give you the flexibility to capture a variety of information in an organized way, and help you really get those important big picture items for your business done the way the bullet journal method can.

Full show notes with all resources mentioned over at:

Mar 23, 2017

When’s the last time you purchased an online program?

Sometime in the past year, you’ve been faced with the decision to buy, enroll or download some training course online or maybe you really wanted to go to a big event hosted by someone who really inspires you… and it bummed you out a little.

If you ever struggled to make a buying decision for a coach, an online course, a digital product, a real product, and know you’ll likely struggle with it again, you’ll want to listen to today’s episode.

Also - there’s huge value in getting clear about your on behaviors, turning the microscope on yourself in order to also see what your soon to be customers are going through as they decide to work or purchase from you!

Today’s episode will cover two topics -

  • 3 Questions to ask yourself before you buy anything
  • 5 Implementation Tips That Will Improve every single online course experience you have!

Make sure to read the full show notes over at and grab the resources I’ve provided you for you over there!

Mar 16, 2017

Pop Quiz...

What’s your communication strategy when you launch?

What do you communicate? Where do you communicate it? Where do you tell people about your launch? How often do you talk about launch leading up to the launch? Do you use email? Videos? Podcast?

Where you communicate, where you show up...matters.

And if you’re not watching the interaction and response during that time, you need to start doing it. Not only will you identify places you can drop, stop wasting time on, and focus more fully in the places where people are actually listening!

Today’s episode is all about having more conversations that sell and making sure you do the experimentation before you launch — so that your communication happens when, where, and exactly how often it needs to!

Make sure you listen to the episode and also sign up for the Launch Essentials Workshop to get started on your entire launch plan and strategy. http://

Links mentioned:
Hilary Rushford -
Camila Prada -
Miss Trenchcoat -

Mar 10, 2017

In today’s episode we’re talking about mistakes you may be making as a business owner that affect your business and all your product launches. These aren’t quick fix mistakes, but ones you can aim to get better at over time.

Take out your journal right now and make notes on anything that comes up for you personally. There’s no right or wrong way to approach these, only to work on shifting the way you handle launches, do business...and operate in the world.

  1. Checklist vs. Decision Making: There are lots of appropriate places and instances where checklists are valuable and work. And they do get you part of the way there with launches. But a checklist will not tell you why people aren’t buying. A checklist won’t tell you if you’ve done enough customer research or sent enough emails or got the tone right in your sales page or webinar presentation. You need to be able to ask questions, have thoughtful conversations and make decisions.

  2. Individual Tools vs. System: With the ever changing technology in our world, it’s no wonder that we’re always thinking about trying a new tool to. For example, process payments, manage tasks, house our products, deliver our products, promote our products. Truth is - the system of how you’re doing these things is more important than the specific tool. Learning how to pull together a set of tools into a working system is a better approach and why I teach a systems module in Fearless Launching. Grab my systems cheatsheet. Check show notes over at for a link to that cheatsheet!

  3. Changing Everything vs. Keeping What works: Doing a postmortem is one of those things that gets put off and literally put on the back burner as we get ready for our next thing. Plus - a good friend told me this about branding - that’s her area of expertise...that people get bored with their fonts/colors about the time that it’s gelling and makes sense with people! When it’s working - you’re likely going to get bored, but there’s no reason to throw out everything and can result in nothing working!!!

  4. Support - Are you getting help? Processing what’s going to happen in your launch is invaluable. Absolutely no one I know who’s gone above the 7 figure launch or revenue level has done so without hiring help. No one. You have to be willing to get that support. And if you need help with the above items especially, then it might be time to get a coach, hiring a launching manager...

If you’d like to go into more of these topics, I’ve just created a brand new launch workshop for you which really speaks to the foundation you can build for all of your launches...I’m telling you first because I know you’ll want to jump on it fresh - while it’s hot off the presses.

Here’s what we’re going to cover in this workshop:

  • The one place you’re wasting the most time and that could be the cause of all your launch problems..

  • Why knowing how to set your launch goals, sets you up for bigger success

  • My secret shortcut to creating my launch plan - great if you HATE planning

The key phases in your launch and the exact action steps you can take today.

Just head over to and it’ll be linked right there as well as on the sidebar on the blog.

That’s all for today - I hope you heard today’s message with love. I make these mistakes sometimes too - we’re human and we simply need a reminder every once in awhile!

Mar 2, 2017

Vicky Lashenko is the creator and host of a popular Facebook Live webshow called Mompreneur Show. She started the show back in 2016 and she just turned into a podcast!

I invited Vicky onto the show to talk about:

  • How she’s built her audience over the past year
  • What challenges she’s faced throughout the year
  • Her best advice for balancing her family life and business
  • Plans for the future
  • How to start your own show - whether it’s live or pre-recorded

Read the full notes over at

Feb 23, 2017

Are you a coach, consultant, VA, graphic artist, copywriter or a service provider?

This episode will help you create the packages and services people will be running to buy from you.

If you’ve ever struggled putting together the right mix of your skills or figuring out which of your talents to include/exclude in your packages, today’s episode will fix you right up. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to make your current offerings better, Becca Tracey of the Uncaged Life has the answers.

Full show notes over at:

Feb 17, 2017

Want to learn how to build your audience online? Listen and learn from a woman who's been doing it steadily over the past several years.

Today we're talking to Carrie Green founder of the Female Entrepreneur Association...first it was a place to share the stories of other women building their businesses and now as a platform for inspiring women along their business and entrepreneurial journeys.

I thought it would be great to ask her some questions about her top strategies for building her business and community...

  • We focused on the exact steps and strategies you's used and sticks to keep her Facebook page growing beyond 400k followers.
  • Platforms she's used and tried along the way
  • How, why and when she started Vlogging
  • The different responses she's received on all platforms she's tried
  • Her biggest piece of advice for others looking to "build their audience"

Carrie's book "She Means Business" comes out next week - so head over to Amazon now and pre-order it:


Feb 9, 2017

Have you ever hired a team or even one person to help you in your business?

No?’ve been doing everything yourself in your business for some time now. Longer than you really should have.

But it’s not because you haven’t tried to find people to help you.

You’ve been on,, and, but you haven’t felt very  “lucky” in your search for the right person or people yet.

First thing is this - hiring is not an easy process.

Second thing - you are not alone in struggling through that process.

Third thing -  it IS something you have to do at some point if you want to grow beyond a “job-replacement” business. (believe me - I know this from personal experience!)

Every business owner gets to the point of hiring in different ways. Some people start finding help from the second they start their business. Some people start with interns. Others do everything as long as they possibly can...

When is the right time to hire someone for your business? The answer is different for everyone.

That's what we're talking about on today's episode.

Full episode show notes located at:

Feb 3, 2017

This episode will give you some getting started advice you need to make sure you hire the right person for your Launch Manager.

As you know I’ve been managing launches for several years online and offline. Not only have I been involved with projects ranging from feature films, tv and video games but I’ve spent the past 6 years working as launch manager of some major online product launches.

People often tell you to hire a project manager - that will help.

But I get it when people meltdown, are unsure not only of -

  • How can i afford that
  • Where do I find someone
  • What qualities should I look for
  • What do I even give that person when they start
  • What will I do then?

In today’s podcast, I’ll talk to you about -

  • Why it’s so hard to find a good launch manager
  • The 3 things you can do to decide if you actually have to hire
  • An alternative to hiring a true launch manager
  • Qualities to look for in a launch manager
  • Questions you should ask someone who might be right in this role

If you've ever wanted to work on launches, need to hire someone or aren't sure if you could use the help of a launch manager, this episode is a great starting point!

Full show notes and resources available at:

Jan 26, 2017

If I were to ask you, who’s your audience, how would you answer?

The people who share the stories of their audience, past customers, current customers like they are relatives or old friends?

This is the one system I'm focusing on because typically I'm great at listening, watching, learning who people are and connecting with them...but truth is I'm not doing as much as could with the information.

That’s all started to change and I’d like you to join me and improve your own approach to understanding your audience.

Let’s dive into figuring out how to gather, understand and USE all the information FOR our audience.

Head to the show notes to the survey I talked about AND to get your research tracker download:



Jan 19, 2017

In today’s episode I’m going to talk you through how to choose the right tools to run your business… and we’re going to focus on the principles that will help you make any decision.

Warning - this isn’t a “who does what better”... or “you shouldn’t switch tools” or a “tools don’t make the launch” post…

Over the life of my business and I’m sure your’s as well, you’ll come across a lot of different solutions to help you do your work better, faster, easier...and ones that will cost you less money, more money…

My take on tools is simple…and I'm talking about it in depth....

Full show notes and resources mentioned over here:

What tools do you depend on to run your launches, manage your work and make your business organized!

Jan 13, 2017

Still haven’t planned out Q1 yet?

Didn’t attend a planning session or brainstorm or buy a planner or anything in November or December?

That’s okay - you’re not behind and you can still make a plan for an amazing quarter...even if it’s already started.

Here are 5 tips to making your plan and getting it going fast -

Full show notes at:


Jan 5, 2017

There's a funny thing about building a business...launching products, services, making money only....

Many times we'll be all about a revenue goal we want to hit or a number of subscribers we want to reach. How many people can we get to our webinars? What's our sales page conversion rate?

Are we so consumed by needing to reach the end result that we can't recognize the growth that happens in between.

This week - we wrap up the discussion of having a successful launch by talking about launching better, improving, and why that's JUST as important.

Full show notes over at



Dec 22, 2016

Part three of a 3 part series all about producing a successful launch - make sure to head back to episodes 118 and 119 to hear the top 2 ways to produce that amazing launch...

In today's final part of the series I dig in a little too deep (maybe) to how to plan your launch...

I keep hearing the same things…

There’s so much on my launch to do list.

How will I actually get it all done? And what’s your launch planning process, Anne?

If you’re working on your first or next product launch, you know that the launch to do list seems to grow exponentially…and almost daily.

It’s hard when it’s  your own growing list, but it’s even tougher when it’s a client’s list…

Now I talk about planning and scheduling A LOT, but I know that sometimes we all need to hear things repeated to us and in different ways.

I know…because I’m no different…there are times when I get overwhelmed with everything I want to do in a launch.

So, today I’m sharing a new jumping off point with you to get you started “handling” all the potentially overwhelming pieces of a launch.

Depending on who I’m working with or what I’m launching, this particular process might change slightly. I am not a rigid, plan it and do it type person. That said, there are some rules I do live by.

Show notes here:


Dec 15, 2016

Part 2 of our 3 part series on producing a successful launch - In this series I'm sharing the top 3 things you need to do, put in place or create in order to have a successful launch.  In fact - if you're missing even one of these, you will not achieve the results you're looking for when you put your work out to the world.

Listen to part one of this series here:

Rarely do I get to curate what I’ve created for you – you hear the podcasts when you want and may read a post long after it’s been published.

This series will pull some important moving parts of a launch together for you – so you don’t have to wade through information you may not need (yet).

So enjoy…the 3 key elements of a successful launch.

This series is specifically for you if:

If you’ve never launched a thing and know you will want to turn your blog into a business, start coaching people, create a course, produce an event … in 2017.

It’s also a PERFECT place to REVISIT when you’re reflecting on this year’s launches, ones that worked or didn’t…and to start again with new products you’ll create in the new year.

Part 2 is all about the essential systems you must have in place to make your launch a smashing you'll be setting your business up for stability and growth as well!

Click here to access all the episodes and show notes in this series:


Dec 8, 2016

It’s time…

...end of the year reflection-new-year-new-you mode…maybe a little filing, throwing ideas away, and binging on training we didn’t get to this year. Maybe you're even thinking about how to have a successful launch (if you didn't quite hit the mark this year).

So over the next few weeks, I’ve pulled together some of the most important content I’ve created and pulled it into a 3 part series.

Rarely do I get to curate what I’ve created for you - you hear the podcasts when you want and may read a post long after it’s been published.

This series will pull some important moving parts of a launch together for you - so you don’t have to wade through information you may not need (yet).

So enjoy…the 3 key elements of a successful launch.

This series is specifically for you if:

If you’ve never launched a thing and know you will want to turn your blog into a business, start coaching people, create a course, produce an event … in 2017.

It’s also a PERFECT place to REVISIT when you’re reflecting on this year’s launches, ones that worked or didn’t...and to start again with new products you’ll create in the new year.

You might be surprised where we get started…

Here’s what we’ll cover in part one:

  • What you can expect in this training series
  • Why learning to launch isn’t just a one time task
  • What being Fearless means… again (you might be surprised)

...and we’ll spend most of our time talking about the NUMERO UNO part of any launch.

So, let’s dive in.

Full show notes and resources at:

Nov 30, 2016

If you've ever suffered with list shame--not having enough people who've signed up for your email list or a lack of interaction with your mailing's episode is for you.

We'll talk about:

  • how to find other venues you can and should count as your list
  • what key questions you can ask yourself to determine if it's a place your "list" lives
  • why you still want to aim for sending people back to opt-in on your website
  • how to focus your energy, save time, and build stronger connections with your audience.

More details and the replay to our listbuilding webinar right here:

Full show notes over on

Nov 23, 2016

Building systems, routines and rituals in your business is an important part of building a successful business. When you create habits in your business, they become systems you don't have to figure out over and over again.

That's why I set the Top 3 everyday, do my weekly planning session, and also why I like to ask/answer and reflect on 3 Important Questions.

Today's short episode will share those questions, how to use them in a mastermind group, and why they are a great first regular routine to create for your business.

Launching isn't all about action - you have to build in time for reflection, acknowledging your wins, and challenging yourself to do NEW things.

Visit to leave your answers to these questions!

See you next week!

Nov 17, 2016

It's that time of the year when we're reflecting, planning, and when we're thinking about our vision for the next year.

What I've found over the last three months is that I've been really inspired by some very unexpected, dare I say random, things.

I wanted to share those with you today because they might be inspiring to you as well and all of them are things that you can either see, do or seek out yourself!

Some of these are actual items, some of them are things that hit my inbox--and will give you a good insight into where to go for new ideas or maybe like a new take on something that you already want to do.

Maybe you have an idea but you just don't know how to kind of put it in motion.

Show notes are coming soon, but I just had to get this out there to you!

Mentioned during the show is my 2nd Live Launch Mapping class >> happening this week!

After you listen, make your own list of things that have inspired you this fall and are still inspiring you!




Nov 10, 2016

Today’s podcast is a long time in the making…

If I told you how many people email me about choosing the right planner, I think you’d be surprised.

Or maybe not.

So today, I’m sharing which physical planners I’ve checked out, tried or will be trying in the new year.

This episode is perfect for you if if you’ve got an online business, love the look of paper planners, but wonder how practical they are for your business.

It’s a good question and the answer is not as cut & dry as you might think.

Click to read more now where you can watch the video, listen, and look at some more pictures/links of the planners discussed in this episode.


Nov 3, 2016

Today's episode - we dive into the whole topic of social proof.

Social proof is a way to show your audience that you have credibility and have been able to help other people get results in some way. You get to demonstrate your expertise through the way you help or serve other people.

The trick here is that social proof can be from people you've worked with. It could be people who have been through your program, past customers, whoever has been in your world and benefited from your experience. It could be someone who's bought something from you in the past or simply been a part of your audience and has gotten results from something FREE you've offered.

We talk a lot about social proof in Fearless Launching - which is open right now for enrollment if you're listening on November 2nd or 3rd. Visit: for all the details!

The doors close Friday night at Midnight - until then you can get in before the price increases, get the current and all upgrades, plus run through the live material with me in January. If you're someone who has considered hiring a launch manager, enroll here first -- we do the course twice per year and it's like having me on your team.

Full show notes over on


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